Window Signs Coquitlam

Signs display information through visually appealing graphics. Make sure you're putting up attractive, useful, and noticeable signs by having them made by our professional staff. Signarama is a full service company that specializes in making signage for any type of project. Our expertise on design and signage creation allows us to make temporary and permanent signs, and because we're professionals, we guarantee prompt delivery of your signage in time for your event or according to designated deadline.

Signs Are Great Because:

  • Signs inform the public. Signarama can help increase public awareness inexpensively and effectively with our signs. Get everyone's attention every time you have public gatherings, festivals, political campaigns, charity events, golf tournaments, and other community events. We can make traffic signs, monument signage, and street signs, too.

  • Signs can caution, assist, or warn people. Signs that are required by the OSHA need to be made according to local guidelines and regulations. We can make them if your project needs visual warning and safety signs.

    Do you own a public, commercial, or office building? Signarama can make pleasing utilitarian signs that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) while keeping in mind the interior color palette and architectural design of your building.

    Do you need signs for a construction project? We can make these types of signs as well.

  • Signs can promote your services and products. Signarama has helped many businesses advertise their new business, products, or services. Our professional designers work full-time to create the best concept that can effectively advertise your business while saving you money in the long run. Our promotional signage includes vehicle magnets, banners, sidewalk signs and A-frames, screen-printed signs, window decals, and vehicle lettering.

  • Signs give your business its identity. Signs don't just increase product and service awareness. They also advertise and promote your business. Signarama can make an effective sign to make your business more visible to everyone in your area. We have signage experts who can give you professional advice on where your sign should be placed. We can give you tips on the right design and size of your business signage, too, so if you're aiming to attract more customers, our custom signage can help you achieve that.

  • Signs help increase your sales. In 1995, a joint study commissioned by the California Electric Sign Association and the International Sign Association revealed that the number of signs in a particular place can significantly and positively impact the amount of annual customer transactions and the overall sales.