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Truck Advertising Nyc

Truck Advertising Nyc

Truck advertisements are mobile messages that wrap the visible sides of a truck, such as the local delivery one. They are a powerful tool of emphasizing your message in the local community with a bearable budget. Truck advertising in NYC is easy to spot and read from a distance because it tends to sit above traffic.

Statistics on the effectiveness of truck advertising

  • Mobile ads generate two and a half more attention than static ads
  • Ninety-eight percent of subsequent customers state they noticed the billboard’s message
  • Mobile ads generate up to 70,000 impressions every day
  • Two-thirds of motorists do not mind adding advertising graphics to their truck

The price of truck advertising in NYC

The cost of each campaign will depend on a couple of determinant factors.

Length of the campaign

Truck advertising will cost more when you have to run it longer than the duration of a standard lease. Experience reveals that the usual time of an effective campaign is between three to six months. The excess length is not nearly as necessary as the first few months.

On the flip side, spending more money to run a longer-lasting campaign of at least six months is convenient for a full warp campaign. Rear only campaigns will work correctly with a three-month-long campaign.

Number of trucks

Hiring multiple lorries or trucks to bear the advert stickers means you will spend more money. The number of vehicles you will need depends on the intensity of the campaign. A small campaign that ought to reach a small populace will incur less cost than truck advertising in NYC. Our consultant team will guide you on settling for the right number after an analysis of your project.

Format of the advert

The most popular truck adverts are rear only campaigns and fully wrapped truck campaigns. Fully covered campaigns have branding spaces on the truck’s side to give a view to the passing traffic, and a rear panel for the ones following. This option is excellent if you need a fleet of trucks that emanate your brand’s message.

The rear-only campaign has a limit on its effectiveness because the message is only present on the rear doors. This option may not seem like a significant compromise until you realize that each driver only has forty seconds to view the graphics and writing.

The upside of a rear only campaign is that they offer a decent exposure for launching a campaign. You do not have to spend too much while testing out the effectiveness of specific truck advertising in NYC. Consequentially, these ads have a fast return of investment and provide a smooth motorway to more prominent campaigns.

Campaign area

Most companies will maintain a consistent pricing rate. Differences in pricing are common when one has to cover a larger target area because the truck will use more gas and require better maintenance. Give us a call to find the requirements of your campaign and the budgetary plan of each chosen method. Legion Digital has a free price quoting strategy and affordable rates for all programs.




Truck Advertising Nyc
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